Sports and games foster discipline, duty, team spirit, co-operation and sportsman’s spirit. The school has vast playfields for:

  • Football,
  • Cricket and Hockey,
  • four well-laid basketball courts,
  • seven tennis courts, (four indoor courts)
  • two volleyball courts,
  • three shuttlecock courts,
  • A hand ball court,
  • long-jump and high-jump pits,
  • 400 meter running track,
  • facilities for gymnastics and indoor games like carom, chess,
  • table-tennis and tennis.

Professional coaches are there for basketball, cricket, tennis, football and athletics.

Summer Coaching Camp for Sports and Games

Our schools provide ample opportunities for the above development by organising the summer coaching camps for various games and sports. This enables every shrishtian to get moulded into a balanced, confident entity all set to take on the multidimensional, ever transporting world with a challenge.

  • Volleyball,
  • Basketball,
  • Handball,
  • Throw ball,
  • Football,
  • Cricket,
  • Lawn tennis,
  • Badminton,
  • Table tennis,
  • Shuttle cock etc.

Some of our students have achieved the State Level championships in Weight Lifting, Karate, Taekwondo & Chess! The professional coaches and well laid hi-tech courts and running tracks enable the students to compete and covet the shields and titles.