It is envisioned that a Matriculate is one who has developed the required cognitive activities, attitudes and skills commensurate with the developmental stage she or he is in. This includes systematic efforts

  • To seek, acquire and apply knowledge in a variety of social and personal contexts
  • To apply technology for societal transformation and through economic development.
  • To observe, appreciate and promote the nation’s common cultural heritage.
  • To be democratic, secular, egalitarian and ‘ecozoic’
  • To practise moral, social and spiritual values essential for a cohesive social living

Pre-primary stage

Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten.

The right start is given to the children in their impressionable age between 3 and 4 exploiting their natural curiosity by highly qualified, committed and competent Kindergarten-trained teachers with play way and learning-by doing methods.

Primary Stage

Trained graduate teachers with profound knowledge of their subjects and high communication skill and special talents teach languages, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Social Studies, Art and Crafts.

Mid and High School

Tamil Nadu Matriculation syllabus is followed in classes VI to X and the students are presented for the Tamil Nadu Matriculation Public Examinations. Highly qualified and experienced teachers are in-charge of these classes.

Higher Secondary

Tamil Nadu State Board Higher Secondary syllabus is followed in Plus One and Plus Two classes. Rigorous training is given to the students at this crucial stage of their career by highly qualified experienced teachers.

I-Language offered

The First Languages offered are Tamil and Hindi. From Std XI French is also offered as I language. The medium of instruction is English and the language to be spoken on the school premises is strictly English.