In connection with the proposed Kaminski Members of the opposition leave the committee meeting.

This is already visible in online forums. That’s because all the time it is easier to think that the fault of the system or other people. Otherwise, you would have to take responsibility for the situation, and this requires first admitting error, and secondly – the action effort. And this is doubly uncomfortable. Frankowiczów passivity is one of the reasons for which are subject to such a great hejtu?

What he mean? First of all, it is a resistance. Resistance to at least part of a demanding attitude frankowiczów and their expectation that since so unexpectedly worsened their financial situation, the state or banks should help them. This hejt, about which you ask, it sounds to themselves take responsibility for once taken the decision on the loan. And there is some truth, if Frankowicz were thoroughly informed about the financial risk associated with the loan in francs. However, if such information were not given to them, because it is difficult not to admit them. Frankowicz not want to remember that it’s not without reason franc loans were lower than the interest zloty.

It is not so charitable that banks provide customers with lower interest loans. They were lower-interest, because it was at the expense of their higher risk walutowedr hab. Agata Gąsiorowska Professor School of Social Sciences, a psychologist with the Department of economical long distance Wroclaw Social Psychology. Scientific and economic deals with psychology and consumer behavior, in particular the psychological functions of money and thoughtless buying. Also examines individual differences in attitudes towards money The Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Media consider on Tuesday a draft amendment of the Law on fees, which envisages the introduction of compensation in the amount of 1 billion 260 million zł for public radio and television for loss in the period 2018-19 subscription fees.

Office of Legislative Sejm pointed out during the meeting the committee that “this bill has been drawn Opinion Research Bureau Parliamentary dated 14 January 2019. In which the Office submits that the draft bill amending the Law on Fees covered by EU law ; bill can be considered as state aid plan is subject to notification to the European Commission “, which is why Legislative Office reported considering the referral of the project to the notification. In connection with the Office of Legislative Sejm doubts Michal Kaminski made a formal request for “deferral of work on the draft law until delivery to the Deputies unequivocal opinion of the Committee for European Integration of compliance of the project with European Union law.” The proposal does not passed. In connection with the proposed Kaminski Members of the opposition leave the committee meeting. “Accompanied by statements by opposition MPs knajackie ridicule from politicians of the ruling party. (…) I would suggest to my colleagues from the opposition, we leave this meeting (…)” – he said. Opposition deputies left the committee meeting. As for the amendment to the regulation on certificates, diplomas and other printed documents state. “Already, the provisions amended by the Ministry of National Education Regulation, which were described as the principle of receiving and receipting legitimacy and graduation certificates in the records of the school. This is a response to the expectations of parents, students and school principals.

According to the amendment provisions of underage students can independently receive ID cards, school, school-leaving certificate and other documents referred to in the regulation, “- said the Ministry of education on Monday on the website. This amendment restores the state before September 6 this year, when she came into force an amendment to the previous regulation. It expanded the list of documents, certificates, diplomas and other printed documents state school, at which the issue of school is obliged to keep records of names. According to it, receive and acknowledge the document on the list could only adult student or graduate, in the case of underage students and graduates can only do their rodzice.zobacz also: More and more schools mLegitymacjami »This meant that underage student could not answer the phone and acknowledge any of the documents in the list. The problem concerned the students entering in a particular type of school (students of primary schools and secondary schools), underage students who changed schools, minors and those students who have lost their legitimacy. In the case of school pupils concerned receive certificates of completion of primary school.

The students themselves also could not pick up the certificate of exam results ósmoklasisty. Previously, these documents underage students could receive themselves. “Because it caused great social resonance (…), we decided to react,” – said the Minister of National Education, Dariusz Piontkovsky at a press conference in mid-September. According to the present amendment reception: school leaving certificate, indexes, paper student cards, e-student cards, mLegitymacji school and the certificates of the profession, as well as certificates of maturity, annexes to the certificates of maturity, certificates, diplomas, certificates of the detailed results of the examination ósmoklasisty and certificates the results of the matriculation examination will be able to confirm each student or graduate (both adult and minor) of a minor student or the parents or the absolwenta.zobacz: Two years in prison for photocopy of “All students (both adult and minor) can also occur a duplicate of each of these documents (in case of loss or destruction) and apply for rectification of the document in the case of manifest error (eg. an error in the name or the name of the student or graduate). In addition, a change in the application, and receive a certificate of confirmation of the teaching process. So far, request release of this certificate and pick them up could only adult student or the parent of a minor student or graduate. In the novella written, they can also do parents of an adult student or graduate.

Regulation amending the Regulation on certificates, diplomas and other public prints have been signed by the Minister of Education last week. It entered into force on Thursday, a day after the announcement in the Official Gazette. In the explanatory memorandum to the draft amendment stipulates that its quick entry into force corresponds to the expectations of the public. “Quick Start date of entry into force of the amendment regulation, among others, will allow students to receive minors and receipt of student cards, which are issued by the school at the beginning of the school year” – written. Despite the strong anxiety gold is not more expensive, why? / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”) ); / ** / Proceedings against telecommunications operator UPC was initiated in January 2015 year on the basis of media reports and consumer complaints. Office raised doubts about how to increase the price for internet access at 7 zł per month.

The new fee took effect on 1 December 2014. Agreement, which includes a variety of providers of services for an indefinite period, may change only when in the contract are correct so. modification clauses. These are provisions specifying what and in what circumstances may change, consequently affecting the price usługi.zobacz also disappear if channels, free to terminate the agreement »President of the OCCP stated that the company unlawfully UPC announced a revision of the consumer subscription for access to the Internet . The agreements concluded with consumers lacked a modification clause, which should indicate when and in what situation the price may change. – In such a situation, the UPC should not unilaterally change contracts. Practice entrepreneurs violate decency, because the increase was dependent only on the will of the operator. The consumer could pay a higher price or terminate the contract, did not have the possibility of using the existing offer – explains Marek Niechciał, President of the Office of Competition and also Konsumentów.zobacz: Telecoms and cable operators ready to race for high-speed Internet »In order to eliminate the adverse effects of the practice, benefited Office the so-called. public compensation.

When the decision of the OCCP will be legitimate, in a result, subscribers will receive reimbursement for paid each month until June 2016. For example, if the consumer has paid a higher amount since December 2014. June 2016., He should receive 133 zł. UPC inform the consumers. The operative part of the decision is to be published in a national daily and on the trader’s website. At UPC also imposed a fine of 817 640 zł for violation of the collective interests of consumers. The decision is not final, subject to appeal to the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Does learning the profession of lawyer only in virtual reality will become the norm for a moment? Probably not, or not in the near future, which does not change the fact that digital tools increasingly interfering in the academic everyday life. Universities that quickly appreciate the modern technologies and the possibility of their use in the educational system, gain an advantage over competitors. And no discussion boils down to the fact that the goggles are just a cool gadget. It’s about thinking in terms of long distance.

Even a decade ago, e-learning seemed to be science fiction. Now the possibility of distance learning through the Internet platform through which the student has access to lectures, additional material posted by lecturers, court judgments and video, is essential for universities to be able to say that keeping up with the digital revolution. Modern IT tools not only facilitate learning, but also generate the need for new directions, that focus on data analytics, big data management, protecting sensitive data. This is an opportunity to attract new groups of students. Universities already know.

So I have no doubt that they will learn as much training in virtual reality. The best law faculties in Poland. Meet the winners of the 13th rank of the DGP >>>>

There are over 100 thousand. More places in secondary schools in the whole country than graduates of secondary and primary schools. Graduates is just over 700 thousand., Seats in schools of more than 800 thousand., Of course, is distributed differently in different cities and provinces – said Piontkovsky in TVP Info. This local governments prepare school places, they decide on the school network, whether to transform a school in another school type. Most junior high schools has recently been transformed into primary schools or secondary schools. It was a good opportunity to provide space for the eight-year primary school graduates, which now zafunkcjonowały for wygaszanych and middle schools. Indeed, both graduates of these schools is more than in the previous year or in subsequent years, but local governments may have to prepare for this.

And so he did most of the local governments. Prepared extra troops, created additional classes. In most big cities places for graduates is more. This stems from the fact that in large cities also learn graduates from smaller, neighboring villages “- powiedział.zobacz also head of the Ministry of Education: We actions show teachers that they are taken seriously» Piontkovsky about changes in education: Liquidation card to the teacher discussion [interview] “the Minister expressed the hope that cases such as in Zielona Gora, where the President decided that in the first place will take students from their town will not take place, and the president sentence change guided by the best interests of the children. the Ministry has increased the powers of the superintendent.” until recently, governments alone determined the organizational sheet, that is, among others, the anticipated number of branches and places in schools. Today, curator at least give its opinion on this sheet organization, “- he said. He added that the curator intervenes already in Zielona Gora, to solve this problem. Summing up the past school year, the minister also referred to the strike of teachers.

He said that the holiday is a i need help on my homework good time to discuss with teachers and trade unions to solve problems. “I think the unfortunate thing that this strike broke out two months ago. Teachers under the influence of emotions gave probably lead the head of one of the compounds, which promised them a very large increase, to achieve unrealistic. The government as a result of agreements with educational Solidarity with the beginning of April offered teachers an extra large raise. Let me remind you that in January this year, the increase was 5 per cent., The previous even in 2018. Under the influence and negotiate with Solidarity also additional 9.6 percent. in September.

This will give a total of nearly 15 percent. higher base salary, not so. the average salary in 2019, “- he said.” Never teachers have not received such a large increase. At a time when the platform boasted that gave raise to teachers, it was almost two times less, “- he added. Piontkovsky said that next week he invited unions to talks. The minister also spoke of a special government program on school canteens. He stressed how important it it is that children can eat a hot meal at school. “We would like to bring this to the next few years in all primary schools canteen existed.

More than 3 thousand. schools have received this year’s funding for this purpose from the budget “- he said. He assured that the sexual education courses will be introduced in the schools against the wishes of the parents.” These activities cause great excitement. It is a huge part of the parents, I think the vast majority who do not wishes especially to little children were subjected to sexual education, “- he said. Revenues Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the first half 2019. Amounted to 401 billion yuan (225 billion zł) and were 23.2 percent. higher than the year before. Higher is also their dynamics, because in the first half of 2018. Increase against 2017.

Amounted to 15 percent. However, in May, before the United States introduced restrictions on Huawei, the company and analysts had expected better results in the form of at least 30 percent. growth. The more so in the first quarter. Revenue growth was 39 percent. So you can see the negative impact of the Chinese company placed on the black list of companies that can not buy American components and technologies without a special license.

The administration of President Donald Trump moreover banned the use in telecommunications networks equipment and use of the services of entities that may threaten national security – which is also aimed at Huawei.zobacz also: Huawei affair. “None of the Polish government did not formulate charges against us.

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