Farewell Celebration


                                                                    “To meet and depart is the way of Life

                                                                          To meet again is the hope of Life”

            As often said, the best period in the life of anyone is the time he spends in school. This golden era, is recollected nostalgically for the rest of his life.

            Farewell 2018-2019 had an atmosphere of joy and excitement, yet it was tinged with an ambience of melancholy and sadness. Students of grade XII came dressed in their best attires. Our Head of schools Mr. M. S. Saravanan addressed the gathering and welcomed the outgoing Shrishtians.

            Rev. Fr. P. Paul Rajkumar, gave his valuable suggestion on self-control, limits and behaviour in the outside world. He highlighted the importance of exams in deciding one’s life.

            The XI Graders displayed awesome dances and some lovely music.

            The XII graders were presented with a valuable memento apart from the valuable advice from the teachers. It was a touching moment with never fading, haunting memories.

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