Ramzan message – 2018 – 2019

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. The word ‘Ramadan’ signifies ‘Scorching heat’. It was the month in which verses of holy Quran were revealed to Prophet Mohamed. By fasting people learn to sacrifice, share with others & to discipline themselves.

Every year we celebrate Ramadan in our school. The programme commenced with a prayer by Mrs. Farida Begum. Surah ‘ Qulhu Allahu Ahad’ and its meaning by Fhateen Izhan (VIII). Amantu Billahi song by Naadia, Ayisha, Ameena, Musfiran & Asfiya. Teachers message was by Mrs. Saira ‘Hazbi Rabbi Jallala’ song by Naadia (IX). Then importance of fasting in Ramadan was given by Musfirah (VI). The nightlight of the show was the skit about adopting simplicity enacted by students from VI to IX. A special Tamil song “Vanukku Manthai Evano?” was sung by Rajashri and Ilakkiya (IX). Translation verses from Quran by shahoom about 7 layers of earth mentioned in Quran confirmed by modern science was read out. The occasion came to an end with a song ‘Labbe Aathi Hai dua’ by the group.

Thus the participants and the audience were able to get real meaning of Ramadan through various segments of this celebration.

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